Blue Morpho Press is a personal press located
in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.


Blue Morpho Press will publish its first title Travel For STOICs in mid-2018. 
STOICs is a travel book, but a different sort of one. It’s not about which great restaurants
to patronize or what sites are a must-see in a given place; it’s about how to manage the things
that happen in between those activities without a tumble into the O-C and introverted abyss.
Travel for STOICs will guide you, the Solo Traveler: Obsessive, Introverted, Compulsive,
through your journey step-by-step. With advice from the classical world’s Stoic triumvirate:
Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius (plus author Olivia Rome), you will learn how to manage your travel fears and challenges and return home a Stoic in your own right!

All text, photography, and graphic design, copyright Olivia Rome.
Book cover design by Jean-Manuel Duvivier.


Travel For STOICS
will be available for download in mid-2018.

Don’t explain your philosophy,
embody it. Don’t seek to have events
happen as you wish, but wish them
to happen as they do happen,
and all will be well with you.
1st Century CE Stoic Philosopher