Travel for STOICs: Empowering the Solo Traveler Who is Obsessive, Introverted, and Compulsive
by Eva Rome


Do you have an obsessive-compulsive personality? Is the idea of traveling nothing more than that: an idea? Does traveling strike you as a terrifying prospect? O-Cs can be way too circumscribed and self-regulated to accomplish the planning, get on the planes, find our accommodations at our destinations, and actually enjoy the process. Fold in introversion and you’ve got a crippling combination. Solo travel? Forget it. 

Want to take the anxiety out of
solo travel?

Travel for STOICs is both a travel book and a survival manual, but of a different sort. It’s not about which great restaurants to patronize or what sites are a must-see in a given place; it’s about how to master solo travel challenges that happen in between those activities while successfully managing your O-C and introverted self. This book is especially for the STOIC—the Solo Traveler: Obsessive, Introverted, Compulsive—and for those who care about our well-being and happiness. With advice from the Classical world’s Stoic triumvirate: Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius (plus author and fellow STOIC Eva Rome), you will be empowered to experience the world with confidence and calm!


Don’t explain your philosophy,
embody it. Don’t seek to have events
happen as you wish, but wish them
to happen as they do happen,
and all will be well with you.
1st Century CE Stoic Philosopher
For Kindle versions, please visit Amazon.

For Kindle versions, please visit Amazon.


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